Why Villa Bussola reason 5: Hospitality!

10 REASONS WHY Villa Bussola is the best holiday choice! Reason number 5 is HOSPITALITY! (We welcome our guests with open arms because we like you to feel at home and to enjoy your stay on our property. We are pleased to have a glass of wine and a chat together, we enjoy answering all your questions, giving you the best information for a successful holiday. We feel satisfied when you are having a good time. When possible we join our guests during a day trip or visiting a new restaurant. We love to see the children playing and having fun all together. It always feels like a big family  )

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Peter van Diessen

Peter van Diessen

Hoi, mijn naam is Peter. Ik ben jullie gastheer. Samen met Vanessa heb ik in 2007 Villa Bussola opgezet.

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